Fall is right around the corner…

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the wind blowing, the crisp air, Halloween, picking pumpkins. Not too hot. Not too cold. I’m getting excited just thinking about it! And one of my favorite things about fall is the style. I love using layers, and it’s obviously great for the kiddos as well! If they get too warm, it’s so easy to just peel off a layer. Super functional.

So I did this photo session with McKenzie last year in October, planning on using it for a Christmas card…which didn’t end up happening, since we used a pic from my graduation. Oh well, I still love these pics. It was such a fun day. I got her all dressed up and we just walked around outside our condo, me snapping away…she played and I stalked her. ;) It was really my first time using the new camera (Canon 60D) and I was definitely still learning, but they turned out really nicely.

Anyhow my point is, this outfit is a great example of layering for kids. I’m not certain of the brands, but I know the whole outfit was around $27, which is definitely on the higher end for me. But hey, it was going to be our Christmas card. Granted, these aren’t clothes I’d want her to wear to school and get dirty (come on, I’ve gotta be practical), but I think it’s a perfect Fall ensemble. It’s great to use solid colors in an interesting way. Even though the vest is all off-white, the cable-knit pattern adds a great touch. And after I got the jeggings, they became her winter staple. She refused to wear jeans because the jeggings were a lot more comfy. Which was fine with me because jeggings were “in” (although, I find them less excusable on an adult). Haha. Anyhow, this outfit could even work for a boy. Vest, long sleeves, jeans, and some brown shoes. Very practical and it can be worn for almost any occasion…even pumpkin picking! I hope this gave you some great layering ideas for fall! Having outfits in mind in advance always makes getting kids dressed more quickly in a pinch.

  • Vest: $12.99 (new from Marshall’s)
  • Jeggings:  $7.99 (Target)
  • Black ballet flats: Old Navy $<$10
  • Red shirt: $1.99 thrifted from Goodwill

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