My bright-eyed girl.

Oh, McKenzie. You light up our lives. Your bright eyes and contagious smile make us complete.

This picture reminds me of why I bought my camera in the first place. When McKenzie was a baby we used to go to Sears Portrait Studio to get her photos done. They were nice enough, and we were happy with them because they were our beautiful baby girl.

One day, though, we went and not only did they make us wait 45 minutes past our appointment time, but the photographer told McKenzie she was being “bad.” Um, yeah. Never call my kid bad. I wanted to smack her. Just sayin’. And if she had bad behavior, maybe it’s because we waited nearly an hour past our appointment, and it was her nap time. (And for the record, she wasn’t being bad, she just wasn’t looking at the camera).

After that little incident I decided I could do better myself. And I do. This is my McKenzie…it’s her. It’s her personality captured perfectly in a photo, and this is what I aim to do with all my clients. But I guess it was a good thing in the end, because it gave me the push I needed to start my business. No more Sears for us. =)

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