My Kitchen Nightmare.

The other day I decided to make these rolls, which I’d discovered on Pinterest. They looked so yummy, and I was in the mood for carbs. Long story short, I whip out all the ingredients, melt the butter, etc…then I open the flour and to my absolute horror there were nasty, tiny brown bugs crawling everywhere inside the flour. *gag* It was seriously the grossest thing ever!

This was not the first time this had happened to me, but I always thought, “Oh, I must just not cook enough!” Little did I know these little buggers were already in there when I bought it! Ewwww.

After a quick “google” some research I stumbled upon this site, which quickly explained that they are a type of tiny beetle called a weevil. *gag again*  The worst part is that their eggs are already in the flour when you buy it! GROSS. Apparently though, they are perfectly harmless and we unintentionally eat them all the time (as if that made me feel better!).

To get rid of them, the site suggests you freeze flour every time you buy new stuff (it kills all the eggs), and if you’ve been unfortunate enough to find them already, disinfect your cabinets and throw away any dry goods they may have infested. Yuck.

What is your kitchen nightmare?

7 thoughts on “My Kitchen Nightmare.

  1. A mouse in the coffee pot. Ick…. At our cabin everything (dry and non-perishables) is kept in the fridge (it’s turned off) when we leave. It keeps little critters out! Great tip about putting the flour in the fridge. Thanks! =)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Yes! I freeze my whole wheat flour and ground polenta but I figured it was because I bought it “fresh” from a local joint. I’ve found bugs in my flour a few times and it is absolutely disgusting. I thought I had them because it’s so humid here and the bugs, both indoors and out, are terrible.

    When my oldest girl was around 18 months, I was making her lunch with leftovers and poured some green beans from one of those microwavable steam bags onto her tray. Along with the beans was this… thing. It was black and hard and looked, honestly, like a piece of animal feces. I had no clue what it was but instantly thought of that story a few years back with the finger in the Wendy’s chili. I saved it in a plastic baggie and was ready to take it to the grocery store and demand a lifetime supply of frozen veggies. To be clear, I was also 6 months pregnant with my second daughter and completely out of my mind. Anyway, J came home that evening and promised me that it was a caterpillar cocoon and reassured me that it actually meant the beans were incredibly fresh if the little friendly caterpillar thought they made a good home. Apparently I was easily persuaded AND crazy when pregnant. Regardless, it was disgusting. Now if we eat frozen veggies, I always pour them into a bowl and sift through them first.

  3. I always freeze my flour and corn meal when I buy it. The only other option is to buy the wheat berries and grind them yourself with a grinder. You have to use that flour up immediately, too, or put it in the freezer! This won’t make you feel any better but I’ve found these kinds of critters in pasta boxes before too!

  4. I will definitely be keeping flour in the freezer from now on! I’m finding them everywhere, so I think it’s time for a “deep clean.” Boo to intense cleaning.

    And @ Liz, that’s so gross! A whole cocoon? Ick. Once when I was making a smoothie I found a whole, frozen “daddy long legs” spider…I was thoroughly grossed out, but at least it was dead! I can’t imagine a giant black thing coming out of my frozen food. I would have flipped too. Pregnancy hormones can’t help either! ;)

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