Any new lens suggestions y’all?

Alrighty. So I might have a slight addiction to my 50mm lens. I use it for everything…literally all my photo sessions, all the time. I like it a lot, okay?! And I bought it shortly after I got my camera, so I’m just pretty used to it.

That said, I am looking to branch out a wee bit. I’m thinking the Canon 24-70mm…but I didn’t realize it was SO expensive (like $2,300 expensive…I’d rather go on a tropical vacation with my entire family, thank-you-very-much!). I wasn’t looking to spend that much. Maybe $1,000, but definitely not double that. Well crap. Or maybe I should just look for a different, amazing prime lens? Like the 85mm or 100mm? Oh man. Decisions, decisions.

OR maybe I’ll just stick with my 50mm…people are always pleased with their photos, so why mess with a good thing, right? *le sigh*

Here are some fun photos from a family session this month.

One thought on “Any new lens suggestions y’all?

  1. Beautiful!
    Hehehe, I always have my 50mm on my camera too! I’ve been looking for a new lens, also. I think if you have the money to spend, you should get a prime lens.
    Its so easy to get addicted to the 50mm! =)

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