Picture Day & A Quick Tip for Photographing Kiddos!

First of all, for those of you who offered kind words about yesterday’s “A Deathiversary” post, thank you so much. It truly means a lot. ♥

Well today was “picture day” at McKenzie’s school! Her first picture day ever. Do you remember picture day when you were a kid? I always looked forward to picture day. Anyhow, I had McKenzie’s outfit all picked out yesterday…and then she got all scratched up by our neighbor’s puppy. Across her chest, across her neck. Poor kid. It actually drew blood. I felt so bad for her. I originally had her in a white shirt, but then I decided to I dress her in a red shirt with a white vest, which strategically covered all of her scratches. See? We had a mini-photo session before we walked to school. I love that she gets to be my little muse.

The outfit below is the one that I originally had picked out for her picture day…darn it! I removed the scratches with Photoshop in these pics, but they were very visible. *sigh* We’ll see if her school picture turns out better than mine. Probably not. ;)

A quick tip for photographing children: Above all, make sure they’re having fun! Would you want to smile if you weren’t having fun? I wouldn’t! Whenever I have a session, I usually bring some fun things for kids to do. I’ve brought bubbles, bread to feed ducks, and chalk (to name a few). Kids are messy. Kids are carefree. Capture that. I feel like sometimes too much emphasis is placed on smiles and props. Sometimes simply playing is beautiful! That’s what I always try to emphasize in my photography: the child. Capture them as they are…they’re only little for awhile.

Do you have a picture day memory? Or maybe a funny story about a photo day? I’d love to hear it!

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