How to scar your child for life…

Yesterday, I got the great idea to decorate for Halloween. Nothing big, I just wanted to get some festive vinyl window stickers and some spider webbing for our balcony. Fun, right? Wrong. Little did I know, I was permanently scarring my child for life…or maybe a week. Whoops! =/ Bad momma moment #5192.

The second McKenzie and I walked in the door of our local “Party City,” we were greeted by a giant, creepy, robed creature with exposed brains jumping out at us. Yikes! I should turned and walked out when that happened, but I kept shopping anyway…she seemed fine.

As we perused the store, searching for those damn vinyl stickers, she got more and more scared as she slowly realized what everything was. The giant, moaning mummy. The zombie with worms coming out of its eyes. Skulls and tombstones. Severed hands, feet, and eyeballs strewn about. I mean, you guys, this place was decked out. Creepy as hell. For a 4-year-old, this was the equivalent of taking her to a really good haunted house.

I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was a little comical at first, but then she started getting legitimately scared and shaking. (!) She said (in the most pathetic, terrified 4-year old voice she could muster), “This place is freaking me out. It’s spooky!” Soooooo I picked her up and carried her, while assuring her that everything was pretend. After I eventually found the window decals (99¢ for a sheet of 15!) and spider webbing, and we got out of there ASAP. Needless to say, I won’t be taking her there (at Halloween) again.

Have you (or your kid) ever been seriously freaked out by something at Halloween? (Mine has! Ha.)


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