Parenting Tips & Tricks: Pandora Lullaby Station

I’m going to be starting a section on this blog for Parenting Tips & Tricks…just things that I have found work very well with our daughter. I understand these tips/tricks might not work for every parent, or every child, but they have helped me immensely and it would be selfish of me not to share!

“Parenting Trick” number 1: Create a “lullaby” Pandora station to help your kids fall asleep.

By the time McKenzie was two weeks old she was sleeping through the night. She was an angel baby, and she’s still a really calm, mellow kid. We are definitely fortunate! ((Does that make us bound to have a hellion when we have a 2nd child?! Crap.))

Anyhow, I know it’s a developmental “independence” thing for children to have sleeping issues around age 3-4, but getting her to sleep at night can be a nightmare. [Insert tantrum here.] We keep the same routine every night: bath, brush teeth, read 3 books, go to sleep. She gets 1 “protector” in her room (aka dog), and multiple hugs & kisses. Yet she still comes out of her room 4-5 times, and sometimes screams & cries. It’s so frustrating!

It occurred to me that music might help soothe her to sleep more easily…so I created a “lullaby” Pandora station on our iPad (you could also use a laptop computer) and set it up in her room. I just typed in “lullaby,” and a bunch of wonderful songs popped up. I prefer the piano ballads because I think some of the songs can be a little shrill for a child who is trying to fall sleep, so I just kept giving a “thumbs up” to the soft piano ones.

It has worked like a charm! She falls asleep much, much more easily! It’s so wonderful. And it’s nice to have more time with my husband too. ;)

If you don’t have an iPad or laptop (or if you’re using it after your kids are in bed!), a CD player or iPod/dock would work just fine. I just like having the variety of Pandora! All in all, the lullaby music has made our lives much easier at bedtime, and I highly recommend it!

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