I had a great idea for my business!

So I started my photography business less than a year ago, and I currently provide my clients with digital copies of their photos. Frankly, it’s just easier for me right now. I’m still growing as a photographer, and I have a lot of room to expand price-wise as I develop a client-base.

Along those lines, I’m still experimenting with marketing techniques, and I primarily use Facebook and other online mediums. Facebook has been a huge help…word-of-mouth is essential in photography! The ability to “tag” clients in their photos and have all their friends see my work has really worked well.

I recently came up with the idea to create Facebook “Cover Photos” for my clients. They love it, and it gets my name out there. Here’s an example of one I created for myself. If you were a client, would you like this? If you’re a photographer, what do you use for marketing techniques? I welcome any input/advice!


3 thoughts on “I had a great idea for my business!

  1. In many shops in here you can advertise for free or for a small amount of money. I’d try putting papers at the local supermarkets and the library. My father has a spiritual kind of business, he does healings and readings and teached people how to do reiki and that helped him a lot. He also goes to paranormal fairs a lot, maybe there’s some kind of fair you could go and advertise there and take pictures for a nice price?
    Good luck to you and your business! :) The pictures you take are lovely

  2. Well, I’m not a photographer but I’m a mom and have a marketing/PR background. I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of hours and have a few ideas. Stop reading at any point!

    I LOVE the idea of Facebook cover photos. They are such an awkward size, it’s hard to find photos (I think) that are the right size and look nice. So, I would definitely do that. Secondly, I’d offer mini-sessions and promote the heck out of them with Moms groups in the area. Something like $50 for a 30 minute session for 5-10 edited images with all the rights for printing. With the holidays coming up, people will LOVE to get quick pictures for cards without having to commit to a full session. You can set up a nice area in a local park or in a studio. This will give them a taste of what you can do and they’ll come back for other occasions or future mini-sessions. Also, use social media to it’s full advantage. Do you have a photography site yet? I’d blog there and run contests for Facebook fans. Have people submit their best halloween costume/awkward family photo/crying kid in Santa’s lap photo and have everyone vote for their favorite, winner gets a free session. I’m not sure of the “rules” on Facebook for these contests so it may have to be run from a blog but you can promote like crazy on Facebook/Twitter. Are MOPS or other Mom clubs big in your area? I’d check with them to see if they have fundraisers or chinese auctions where you can donate a session and get some free exposure.

    Good luck!

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