Stupid sh*t kids do. Care to share?

stupidkids0Fortunately for my parents, but unfortunately for me, I was an overly well-behaved kid. The worst thing I ever did was try to break my own leg (no joke). I thought it was cool to have a cast, so I wedged my leg under a couch and tried to break it. I was unsuccessful. Ha. Oh and once in high school once I sneaked out the car with my friends to drive around before I had my license. Still pretty tame in my opinion. I partied a little in high school, but not a lot. Basically, if my daughter is a teen like me, I will be extremely grateful.

These kids on the other hand…sniffing shit to get high? Putting vodka in your eye? Gang-bangs? Fence-plowing? Garage-jumping? Vodka soaked tampons? Their parents should be proud. Yikes. What was the worst thing you did when you were a kid?

One thought on “Stupid sh*t kids do. Care to share?

  1. My husband and SIL were spilling the beans to their dad and stepmom about parties they threw in high school. Very timely question!
    Like you I was a goodie two shoes. I drank more my freshman and sophomore year than junior and senior year (because of cheer leading). I only threw one party and it was at my cottage the summer after high school, I tp’ed people’s houses, and I assisted my friend in shoplifting in eighth grade. See? Pretty tame.

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