12 Weeks

Since I’m 12 weeks now, I think I’ll start doing this little survey every couple weeks. For reference, here is my 9 week post. Frankly, I can’t believe I’m 12 weeks already!


12 weeks, Baby #2

How far along are you? 12 weeks…seems like a milestone! I’m definitely bigger, but I still don’t think that the “bump” looks visibly pregnant. Maybe just like I enjoy beer a little too much. ;)
How big is the baby? According to my BabyCenter App, it’s about the size of a lime. 3 inches, ½ ounce.
Weight Gain? 5lbs, same as McKenzie the first trimester.
Maternity clothes? A mixture. Since I’m getting bigger sooner with Baby #2, I’ve already bought a couple things: 1 pair of skinny jeans from Motherhood, and 2 long tunic shirts from there, as well. I figure if I can wear them til September, it’s worth the money to be comfortable. I’m mainly wearing yoga pants/sweatshirts around the house, and leggings with the tunic tops when I venture out.
Stretch marks? No not yet, but I have a feeling I’ll get them. With McKenzie I got them on my hips & inner thighs…but nothing on my stomach, thank goodness. Hopefully it stays that way. My friend who had twins recommended BioOil to me (she said she went through 2 bottles her entire pregnancy), so I’ve been using it every night before bed.
Sleep: Could be better. I wake up to pee at least 2 times, then I have a hard time falling back asleep. Blah. Warm milk helps with that.
Best moment this week? Spending quality time with McKenzie & Jon before he leaves. We’re also pretty close to having names picked out! Which was important to me to have done before Jon leaves. They’re not set in stone, but we like them both a LOT.  [[Hint: for a girl it would start with an “E,” for a boy it would be a “B”…neither are conventional, and both are surnames, but easy to say & spell with good nickname possibilities (meets all our criteria!). Just like McKenzie.]] Guess away!
Movement? None yet, but I hear you can feel it as early as 12 weeks with Baby #2.
Food cravings? Belgian waffles. Orecchiette pasta & calamari from Lombardino’s (best Italian food in Madison, hands down). Cheerio’s with fresh strawberries. Chocolate milk.
Food aversions? Steak or meat of any kind. *gag* When my hubbs makes it for himself, I need to leave the room.
Labor signs? Nope. Stay in there & grow, wee one.
Gender? Too early to tell. =(
Symptoms? Intense food aversions, and I’m moody. I’m also extremely “backed up.” It’s awful. Warm water with honey helps a little, but I’m pretty uncomfortable. If anyone has other suggestions, I’m all ears. =/
Belly button in or out? In. With McKenzie it just went flat…it was never an “outie.”
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody? Depends on who I’m talking to. ;) I’m definitely “set off” more easily, and more likely to speak my mind when I’m peeved.
What I miss: Wine night with our friends. =(
What I am looking forward to: Thursday is the 2nd part of our First Trimester Screen, so we get to see the baby again via ultrasound. I bet it’ll be a lot bigger this time! We will also get the results of the blood-work taken by the genetic counselor, so hopefully all’s well with that. And I’m debating a private ultrasound to determine sex at an earlier date…apparently, they guarantee an accurate result at 16 weeks, and it’s relatively reasonable ($65). I just want to know so badly! And perhaps have a bit of control over something. Oh, and I can’t wait to watch the Walking Dead this week. Yep.

13 thoughts on “12 Weeks

  1. I’ve never been pregnant, but I just saw a specialist for my own digestive problems and I’ve been using Miralax. When being engaged came up, he specified to me, “If you guys want to have a baby in a few years, you don’t have to worry about the Miralax. It’s pretty much the safest thing there is and it works great. My wife is pregnant right now, and she’s using Miralax.” So maybe try that? It works for me.

  2. Ooh, I love guessing names! For girl I guess Evelyn (and I cheated and looked in my baby name book which says that it’s a surname), and for your boy name I guess Bentley or Bennett. Are you going to keep it a secret until he/she is born?
    As for the plumbing issues, I recommend lots of water, prunes, and coffee.
    I have a friend who did an ultrasound at a private place in Madison and they had a HORRBILE experience. I won’t explain why in case it freaks you out, but the woman had terrible bedside manner and handled a kind of scary situation in the most awful way.

    • And I should’ve also said I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have an extra ultrasound but maybe read reviews of the place to make sure people have been happy. I think my friend went to one that was $80, so maybe it’s a different one than the one you were looking at.

      • The one my friends recommended is behind Hyvee, is that the one your friend used? I definitely don’t want a bad experience.

        And good job on the names! You got one of them…the 2nd boy’s one (Bentley reminds me too much of the car). Keep guessing on the girl’s name, it’s traditionally a boy’s name if that helps! ;) I’m pretty positive we’ll choose to share the name (we did with McKenzie), but not until we’re certain! Jon’s whole family is teachers, and they’re very opinionated about names, so want to be sure.

        And thanks for the suggestions for my plumbing issues, I’m definitely getting some juice next time I leave the house. Lol.

  3. Oh, I love guessing! I’m going to say Elliot/Eliot for a girl. I wanted Blair to be an Elliot sooooo badly but we already have an Ellie in the family. We did an early gender scan at 17 weeks (did I tell you this already?) and it was so worth the money. I was having a hard time mentally adjusting to being pregnant and so finding out the gender was really exciting. I was very, very constipated with B and dried prunes really helped. Your cravings are giving me cravings!

    • That’s the primary reason I would want one! Sometimes, it’s just not real at all. I was actually tempted to buy a pregnancy test today, lol. And I will definitely try prunes…oh goodness, I’m so miserable. And it’s Emerson! It would be, hypothetically, Emerson Elizabeth. Or Bennett (but we haven’t picked a middle name yet…).

  4. Constipation or being ‘backed up’ was the absolute worst part of the first two trimesters for me, well, minus the constant puking from 5 weeks through 15 weeks. Nothing made it better for me until I started cocktailing metamucil capsules with stool softener. I honestly felt like an old grandma doing it but it made a huge difference.

    I felt my first movement from Boston at 11 weeks while I was on vacation. We couldn’t believe it and I thought it was all in my head but it continued until it was full blown kicks. Now I have this incredibly strong little boy — and I knew he was a strong one then!

    So happy for you! Good luck!

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