Alright y’all, I’m going through husband withdrawals.

Since Jon’s been gone, I’ve spoken to him for a total of probably 20 minutes and gotten 2 letters (it’s been a month and a half!). I’m going crazy! I’ve certainly been spoiled having him around the past 6 years while we were both in school. I miss him TONS. I certainly didn’t think it would be easy, but we didn’t know we were looking at 6 months of training…we thought it would be 4. And now, since Baby Boy needs to be born early, I’m thinking Jon won’t be able to be there for his birth (but we don’t know for sure)…but it seriously sucks you guys.  =(

On a happy note, in this post, I mentioned that we get to see him next month for a 48 hour leave at Fort Benning. I’m so excited! Thanks to some advice from Liz @ TheLambentLife I got some insider scoop on the Columbus area, so we’re all booked up for flights & hotel. On the downside it ended up being $1200 for airfare/hotel/car. OUCH. (And yes, I scoured the internet for the best deal.) But it’ll be totally worth it to have some time with him. McKenzie misses her daddy a ton.IMG_4079

So yesterday, I watched the documentary “The Business of Being Born” per the suggestion of another military wife, so now I’m looking into getting a Doula & considering a natural birth (aside from the induction)…maybe? My epidural with McKenzie was heavenly. I slept during labor. Anyhow, there’s a program called Operation Special Delivery, for military wives: Doulas volunteer their time to wives who don’t have support nearby, or whose husbands will likely not be there for the births. I haven’t heard back yet, but I think it would be great to have another supporter/advocate there with me.

And since I realized that I have very, very few photos of me & McKenzie, here are a couple from last spring. I’m ever the photographer! I think it’s a curse. We were at Olbrich Gardens here in Madison. It’s so beautiful there!

In other photography news, I did have a super fun newborn session on Monday…we got some beautiful photos! I think our Baby Boy might end up being one of the most photographed babies ever. ;) And man, he is really starting to amp-up his movements! Greatest feeling ever. =)



7 thoughts on “Alright y’all, I’m going through husband withdrawals.

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you got everything booked to see him – you’re going to have a great time! You should look into getting a birth photographer since Jon may not get to be there. I didn’t have a doula with either delivery but will get one next time if we deliver in a hospital. And I hope the itching is getting better :)

    • If you’re delivering at Meriter, they have a professional photography company, Serendipity, take newborn photos that you can buy. Not sure if St. Mary’s have anything similar.

      • Eh, I’d probably save the money and hand someone my camera. ;) But yes, I’m going to deliver at Meriter. I like the idea of Baby B being born at the same hospital as McKenzie! And I’m totally not opposed to an epidural either, but the pitocin was wicked…that made me NEED an epidural, and caused fetal distress (they had to put me on oxygen & what-not). I kinda wanna check out the water birth place at Meriter, but I’m not sure if I could if I’m high risk…

      • On the tour they didn’t show us the rooms (they have two now) with the bigger tubs that you can deliver in. The guide said you have to get approval to give birth in them, so ya, check with your doctor. All the rooms do have larger tubs that you can labor in.
        Meriter was so nice – not sure if it was remodeled when you had McKenzie.
        That it EXACTLY what I remember about Pitocin from the documentary. It sets off this chain reaction of interventions. If I don’t need a C-section, I’d like to avoid it.

      • Hmmm, I guess I’d have to be pretty committed to a natural birth! Which I’m not…I’m such a baby when it comes to pain. Oh well! I loved Meriter, though. They were still doing the renovations when McKenzie was born, but the food was great, the nurses were friendly, and the rooms were still comfortable & big. =) BTW, I’m not sure exactly when you’re due, but I saved a bunch of McKenzie’s infant clothes in case we had a girl…you’re welcome to have the summer ones if you want them! My cousin is having a girl in the fall and needs some of the winter stuff. ;)

  2. Thanks for everything, Liz! And the itching is getting somewhat better…I met with my liver specialist on Tuesday, and my bile acid levels (the bad, itch-inducing stuff) went from 44 to 25 (10 is normal). Still high, but I’ll take it!

  3. Gorgeous photos of you two!
    I have also seen The Business of Being Born – I watched it last year before I was pregnant or even trying. It has stuck with me and while I’m not opposed to an epidural, I would prefer to not have Pitocin.

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