Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.


So, while walking McKenzie to/from school 3 things happened:

1) We saw this glorious piece of work…pimp-mobile anyone? Then I’m wondering: are they passionate about cereal, or trying to make a clever implication that they like prostitutes? What’s the deal? McKenzie thought it was awesome though, she said, “Look! What a cool car! Can we get colorful wheels?”
2) Walking back from her school I got hollered at not once, but twice…no make-up & in workout clothes…obviously I’m not visibly preggo with a jacket on yet. Not gonna lie, it made my day. Haha.
AND 3) A young fellow with dreadlocks stopped his car and offered to help me walk my dogs, who were both heeling perfectly. Goodness, I’m flattered, but I cannot wait to move…we don’t even live in a bad area! Either way, I’m definitely ready for a change. And a single-family house. It’s nice to know I’ve still “got it” though. ;) Know what I’m sayin?

New Schedule = Adjustments

Since McKenzie started school there have definitely been some adjustments going on in our house. First of all, she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of weekends, and it’s particularly confusing since her 4K schedule is Tuesday-Friday (12:07-3:17…how random is that?!). She gets really disappointed on the days she doesn’t have class. Also, until now she’s been a regular napper…minimum 2 hours/day. So we still have her nap on the weekends, but not on school days. It’s less than ideal, especially since school starts at her nap time…I really wish she were the morning class! How do I resolve this issue without waking her up ridiculously early? I’m not sure there’s a good solution. Although, on her “school days” she goes to bed gloriously early.

Anyhow, we walk to school since it’s so close (literally less than a ½ mile away). Which means I walk about 2 miles a day to drop her off/pick her up. Unintentional workout. Score! Haha. I usually bring one of the dogs so they get some exercise too. McKenzie loves to walk them, and it’s adorable.

Yesterday, I watched our friends’ 5-month-old identical twin boys for 6 hours while they were in work/class. It was so fun! Exhausting, but fun. How are miniature people so tiring? I guess I forgot. But it was SO cute to see McKenzie interact with them…she’ll be a very good big sister someday! It was adorable to see. She went and got her books and started reading to them…well maybe not reading, but making up stories to go with all the pictures, which is pretty darn cute anyway. =)

McKenzie’s First Day of School!

As a parent, the first day of school was definitely a bittersweet day! Jon came home early from campus just so we could both walk McKenzie to school, since she’s the afternoon class of 4K. I just can’t believe our baby is getting so big! Granted, she is probably the youngest in her class…but still.

So funny story: I have a chalkboard and I was trying to make it look super-cute (like this girl’s blog…she’s a freakin rockstar at the chalkboard), but I was failing miserably and running out of time. Long story short, I ran to Michael’s and bought a frame ($4.99), scrapbook paper (65¢), and scrapbook lettering ($3.99). So for under $10 I was able to make her a Pinterest-style frame in 10 minutes, with less than an hour to spare before her school started. I was very relieved, and I think it turned out pretty cute! At least it looks polished! Apparently, I am no chalkboard artist. Haha.

A few hours later, I walked back to the school and picked her up. She saw me, ran to me, and gave me a huge hug. Her sweet hugs are enough to make my heart melt.

Her teacher told me that at the end of the day, McKenzie announced, “That was easy!” Super cute. The whole way home, she was talking about how much fun she had, and how she can’t wait to go back tomorrow! I certainly hope she always keeps up this positive attitude about school! Oh, and I didn’t cry once. ;)

I love all the pics I snapped today. I especially love that there are some of me with her. All too often as the momma/photographer, I am not in any pictures ever. Oh. And I think the one of McKenzie hugging Jon (daddy) goodbye are especially precious. Here are some photos from our sweet baby girl’s first day of school:

UPDATE: I thought it would be cute to take the “First Day of 4K” sign and turn it into a real photo frame, with some of the fun/memorable photos we took today. I think it turned out adorable! Please excuse the crappy camera phone pic. I chose the one of her with her backpack and one of her waiting in line to go into her classroom. I’m so happy she had a great first day. =)

Kindergarten ((4K))

Because McKenzie is only a week away from the cut-off date, we’re enrolling her in school today…she’ll be starting K4 on September 4th! Yikes! She’ll be the baby in her grade. This has always been an issue for Jon and me because we’re both older…first to drive, physically bigger, stronger, etc. Size-wise, she’s pretty tiny to begin with (only the 30th percentile amongst her peers), so hopefully that won’t be an issue. We’ve decided we want her to be older too, but she’s still going to start school now. We just plan on having her do K5 twice, so at least she’s still getting the academic input…unless her teachers really advise against it because she’s such a smarty-pants. ;) She has such a big personality, so I’m sure she’ll be a social butterfly!

But with the school year fast-approaching, I’ve been doing all my back-to-school shopping at the local Goodwill. Yep. Not gonna lie, I really don’t care if it’s used as long as it’s in good shape. Like the shoes in this post. On my last visit, I was very happy to find the shirt in these photos for $1.99. They perfectly match her new blue shoes from Target Clearance…which translates into big savings for me, and trendy-tike style for her. =) This whole outfit was less than $10!

  • Shirt: $1.99, thrifted Goodwill
  • Jeggings: $3.98, Target clearance
  • Shoes: $2.98, Target clearance

On the topic of school, this past weekend we were visiting Jon’s Mom in the Milwaukee area (where Jon and I both grew up), and McKenzie and I went to the playground at my old middle school. They replaced all the equipment since we went there. She had a lot of fun just playing with me, but she will definitely have fun playing with kids her own age when she starts school! The dogs came too…Logan is our chill golden retriever, and Cali is  our energetic yellow lab. They’re both 6, and ridiculously patient with McKenzie. She’ll pull them all around the house playing “Lion King” or “puppy.”  ((She’s the cub and/or puppy and they’re the parents. It’s hilarious, and I do feel bad for them, but it gives me a nice break. Just sayin.)) Cali is super-tolerant, but McKenzie is especially close with Logan. He listens to her every command, and they’re great buds. It’s pretty adorable..they’re in-step and everything! See pics below: