8 Things to Know Before Buying Hunter Boots

shoes_iaec1211333After perusing Google a lot of research, I finally got some Hunter Wellington Boots (for Christmas)! I love them. They’re amazing. Not particularly warm for winter (even with the special socks), but perfect for running errands, letting the dogs out, etc…and they’re more durable than my Uggs! That said, there are just a few things to know before buying:

  1. They run large, so size down. I’m usually a 10.5 and I got a 9…they fit perfectly.
  2. There is a difference between “Hunters Original” and “Huntress” boots. Huntress is a wide-calf boot for ladies with a calf larger than 15″, or who like to wear layered socks. I went with the Huntress.
  3. The Original Hunter “wellies” are about an inch taller than the Huntress…so if you’re really short, I’d go with the Huntress. Otherwise, based on what I’ve read, you might chafe the back of your knees.
  4. There are not special socks for Huntress…if you order Hunter Welly Socks, they are a little bit taller than the Huntress boot because they’re meant for the Hunter Originals. I just tucked mine in, it worked fine. On that note, the Welly Socks have awkward seams on the feet. It feels a little weird when you’re first wearing them, but you get used to it.
  5. The tread is not ideal for ice (personal experience).
  6. They are heavy on your feet.
  7. Green is the “classic” color, but there are tons of fun color options available now. I got the brighIMAG0530t red (pictured). I originally got the “Merlot” color, but it was a hideous purpleish-brown…not cranberry like I thought they’d be. I don’t recommend that color, but hey, to each her own.
  8. You should probably use Zappos if you’re buying online. From personal experience, the free 2-way shipping and easy exchanges are definitely worth it.

Oh, and here is a pic of me in my red Huntress boots. This photo is embarrassing for 3 reasons: 1) I don’t have a full-length mirror so I am standing on the toilet in my daughter’s bathroom (ha!), 2) My bathroom is dirty, and 3) Yes, that is my 4 year-old folding washcloths in the bottom-left corner…I make her do chores whilst I take pictures of myself. #Momshaming anyone? ;)